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Useful tips for choosing organic products

How to recognize organic products?
Organic products are always officially labeled. In accordance with the new law about organic production, Ukrainian products should have the organic logo and words "organic product" on the packing. Words "eco", "organic", "biodynamic", "bio" etc. are not to be used for non-organic production. Be aware, that the new law gives organic producers time to change the labeling, it means that the old logos still can be found on the products till February 2021. There are also special labels for imported organic products. For example, on products from Europe Union, an official EU certification mark is used — "euro-leaf".
Are officially labeled products truly organic?
Using organic marks for non-organic production is illegal and such products should be withdrawn from the market. Also, the law provides fines for false labeling. If the customer is still not sure about the origin of a product, he/she can ask the seller to show the organic certificate and the seller is obliged to provide it.
Where to find organic products?
You can buy organic products both in specialized stores and in ordinary ones. There is also a wide range of organic products in online stores. Use our map to find organic in your area.
How to get the certificate and become an organic producer?
In order to start the certification procedure, a farmer has to make a contract with an officially approved certification body. After conversion period and after passing all the inspections — the farmer gets an organic production certificate. In case a farmer wants to be additionally certified by foreign authorities — he/she has the right to make a contract with a foreign certification body.
Where to find information about certified organic producers and certification bodies?
The list of the official certified organic producers and certification bodies is going to be available on the internet soon. Meanwhile, you can check producers certified by «Organic Standard»: (you can use search or just click "Show all Operators" button). «Organic Standard» certifies about 80% of organic food producers in Ukraine.

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