About OrganicInfo

OrganicInfo — is an information portal that promotes organic production, organic food and sustainable lifestyle. OrganicInfo — is a project of the Information center "Green dossier", an international environmental charitable organization established in 1994. "Green dossier" aims to integrate principles of sustainable development in to society, country policies and governmental programmes by providing objective environmental and social information through mass-media, local communities, authorities, businesses, - involving all of them into practical actions. . Organic agriculture — is one of the most promising activities promoting transformation to sustainable development and green economy. And it's very important for humanity because the agro-industrial sector provides with workplaces almost one-fifth of the world population. But at the same time, it's one of the biggest polluters of the environment and consumers of drinking water. Organic agriculture helps to restore soil fertility, save biodiversity, reduces a negative impact on water resources. That's why we created the specific project — OrganicInfo.

All the information about organic in Ukraine and worldwide can be found here: easy to understand and professionally. 

We invite CONSUMERS to learn more:

  • about the benefits of organic products
  • about the best dishes with organic ingredients
  • about places where to buy organic products
  • how to distinguish them among other products
  • about interesting events (fairs, exhibitions, tastings) 

We encourage OPERATORS of the organic market:

  • to find and share the organic news 
  • to post information about own events and points of sale of organic products
  • to learn about current organic legislation in different countries, statistic and reference literature

We offer MEDIA

  • the latest news
  • the announcements of events
  • professional information about organic production and state of the market
  • contacts and comments of the best experts 

Publishing information at OrganicInfo

We publish information about the organic production, organic products and participants of the organic market, that can be interesting for a wide range of readers, primarily consumers of organic food. This can be short information about new organic products or opening of new points of sale, also substantial analytic materials, — with a focus on real certified organic. 

We can publish your information (news, events, press releases) at no cost after it’s checked thoroughly. 

Cooperation and advertising opportunities

We offer information support to organizers of organic events. This includes media announcements , announcing of events on the portal and in social media. 

We offer advertisement placement on the portal and other information services. The full description of our capacities will be available soon in Portfolio. 


We are not responsible for the advertising materials and user comments published on the portal. 


© All the materials published on the portal are protected in accordance with Ukrainian and international legislation regarding copyright and related rights. The use of materials is authorized only under condition of the reference to OrganicInfo. 


Kateryna Shor
Project coordinator and contributor
Tamara Malkova
Editor and contributor
Sofiia Zabiiaka
Contributor and translator


Swiss Confederation
Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland)

Consultancy company (Switzerland)

Organic Standard (Ukraine)

Organic Standard Ltd is the first Ukrainian national certification body that provides services in inspection and certification of organic production. It was founded in frame of Swiss-Ukrainian project “Organic Certification and Market Development in Ukraine” in 2007.

Organic Ukraine

public union of producers of certified organic products

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