Organic - quality, integrity, taste!

All you need to know about organic products in Ukraine and worldwide: clear and professionally.
The products DON'T contain dangerous substances, chemically synthesized pesticides, GMO
Organic fruits and vegetables grow slow and contain less water
Healthy animals live a happy life — without stress, hormones and excessive medication
Animals have enough space to move around freely
Organic production is being checked thoroughly and monitored during the whole production process
Organic food is rich in vitamin C, minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium) and antioxidants


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How to choose healthy products? Labeling systems in the EU: advantages and disadvantages.
«Organic» future of Ukraine in the environment of rapid change and innovations
VI International Conference “Organic Processing and Trade. New opportunities for final producs: B2B”
Everything goes as planned: organic is the priority
Two weeks before the law through retailers’ eyes
Opening first


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Where to buy organic products

Natur Boutique
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Knowledge base

Draft Order of the Ministry of Economy «On approval of the Procedure for consideration of appeals against decisions of certification bodies»
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Organic Market in Ukraine 2020
Resolution of the CMU on Register Maintenance Procedure


Regional support for organic market development in Ukraine

Data about regional support as of 01.12.2019, collected from different target programs approved by oblast state administrations

Organic Agriculture 2020: Key Indicators and Top Countries.

Organic Agriculture World: Statistics and Trends 2020 (as of 12/31/2018).
This is page 19 of the book “The World of Organic Agriculture. Statistics and New Trends 2020”.
Full version available by link.

World of Organic Agriculture

Overview (as of 31/12/2018)