Organic - quality, integrity, taste!

All you need to know about organic products in Ukraine and worldwide: clear and professionally.
The products DON'T contain dangerous substances, chemically synthesized pesticides, GMO
Organic fruits and vegetables grow slow and contain less water
Healthy animals live a happy life — without stress, hormones and excessive medication
Animals have enough space to move around freely
Organic production is being checked thoroughly and monitored during the whole production process
Organic food is rich in vitamin C, minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium) and antioxidants


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Organic berry enterprises 2020
Organic cocoa with oatmeal cookies
Organic, farm and local: is it possible to combine them in Ukraine
Organic lactose-free products on the Ukrainian market
Organic market 2019 — about what numbers can tell us
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Innovations in organic fruit production

An online seminar “Connecting and innovating the organic fruit production” will be held within the project Biofruitnet. Biofruitnet – is a project aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of European organic fruit production, which brings together 16 partners from 12 European countries. The seminar will discuss cooperation and networking in Europe, examples of innovative solutions for […]

8.12 - 9.12.20
IFOAM Meets Business 2020

IFOAM Organics Europe continues its series of ‘meets business’ events (digital). IFOAM OE meets business 2020 – is a successful platform for exchange between players of organic supply chain – including processors, traders and certifiers – brings together IFOAM members and interested in organic. The following topics will be addressed during this meets business: the new […]

25.01 - 26.01.21
Improving sustainability and welfare in organic poultry and pig production

Online conference “Improving sustainability and welfare in organic poultry and pig production” will take place in the frame of ЄС OK-Net EcoFeed project. It is a final project conference bringing together four scientific projects: OK-Net EcoFeed, PPILOW, Freebirds and POWER. Joint conference is a perfect opportunity to share the unique knowledge acquired during our projects and foster the transition towards […]

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Where to buy organic products

Київ, вул.Мєчнікова, 9
Київ, вул.Полярна, 20д
Natur Boutique
Київ, вул.Верхній Вал, 50
Київ, вул.Антоновича, 50
Київ, пр.Степана Бандери, 15а
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Knowledge base

for practitioners
Organic control system in EU
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Organic control system in Ukraine
for practitioners
Scheme of the Law of Ukraine “On the Main Principles and requirements towards Organic Production, Circulation and Labelling of Organic Products”


Organic Map of Ukraine 2019

The operational monitoring data collected by the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine from foreign certification bodies which certified organic production and circulation of organic products in Ukraine presented on the Organic Map of Ukraine 2019.

The map has been produced with the support of Switzerland by Information center “Green Dossier”(, Organic Standard certification body, Organic Ukraine Public Union within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian Program “Higher Value Added Trade from the Organic and Dairy Sector in Ukraine” implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland) in partnership with SAFOSO AG (Switzerland).

Infographics on organic land monitoring for previous years can be found in the relevant section of our website.

Overview of the Organic Market in Ukraine (2019)

This infographics is based on the organic market survey held by Information Center “Green Dossier”, Organic Standard Ltd and FiBL (Switzerland) in the frame of the project “Organic Market Study and Policy Development Support” funded by the Swiss Confederation.

Organic export from Ukraine (2019, overview)

This infographics is based on the organic market survey held by Information Center “Green Dossier”, Organic Standard Ltd and FiBL (Switzerland) in the frame of the project “Organic Market Study and Policy Development Support” funded by the Swiss Confederation.

About us


One year ago, our renewed information web-portal,, was launched.

OrganicInfo — is a specialized information portal that aims to promote organic production, organic food and sustainability.  

Why organic production? Because it’s one of the most promising ways to achieve goals of sustainable development, health and welfare for people and the planet in general. The agro-industrial sector provides jobs for almost one-fifth of the world’s population, but, at the same time, it’s one of the biggest polluters of the environment and one of the biggest consumers of drink water. Organic agriculture helps to restore soil fertility, save biodiversity, decrease negative impacts on water resources. Additionally, recent research studies prove the positive effects of organic products on human health. 

In one place, all information about the Ukrainian organic market is collected:

  • updates in the legal sphere — both already adopted normative legal acts and draft documents;
  • the history of the organic movement in the world and Ukraine, and contacts of the key organizations in the sector;
  • practical information for organic operators (producers, processors, traders): handbooks and brochures, video lections, etc.
  • useful information about organic production for consumers, its benefits and sales points in Ukraine; 
  • terminology from Ukrainian and European legislation;
  • results of organic market research studies and consumption of organic products in infographics;
  • organic news. 

At, you can find all previews of organic events in Ukraine. And also we have the largest base of organic producers, whose products you can buy all over Ukraine.

Organic products — it’s beneficial, tasty and healthy; for the producer, consumer and nature!

Share our portal with your friends! 

Sincerely yours,

Kateryna Shor, the coordinator of web-portal OrganicInfo