Frequently asked

Frequently asked

We try to answer the questions of consumers and producers about organic production and products that we receive the most often. If you didn’t find an answer to your question here, just contact us via the form on the website and we’ll be glad to give you a thorough answer.

Is it true that words “eco”, “organic”, “bio” etc cannot be used for non-organic production anymore (after enacting new organic law on August 2, 2019)?

Yes, according to the new law these words cannot be used for non-organic products as it’s considered as consumer fraud.

Also, for Ukrainian organic products unified labeling was adopted: the official logotype, words “organic product” and also certification body code should be placed on the packing.

What changed in comparison with the previous organic law?

The new law about organic production has a lot in common with the previous law of 2013, but the new law includes clearly specified responsibility for violation of the organic law: a fine of 5-8 minimum wages (up to 33 thousand grivnas), and such products should be withdrawn from the market. Also, the new law includes more detailed production standards, principles of government regulation, rights and duties of producers and certification bodies. 

Was it necessary to create a new legislation, when the laws of European Union could’ve been used?

Ukraine is not an EU member, so the laws cannot be automatically used in Ukraine. Moreover, they should be adapted to the current legislation and realities of our market. 

All European countries have their own national standards and organic laws, and only in addition to that, they have agreements of mutual recognition of standards with EU. The same is for the USA and Canada. That’s why the adoption of the national organic legislation and monitoring of its compliance are the first steps towards recognition of the standards between EU and Ukraine.

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