Why Organic?

Why organic, ie organic production, is important for humans and nature, what are the benefits of introducing organic production for producers and why we decided to create this portal.


Organic food doesn’t contain GMO, trans-fat or other toxic substances. Farmers don’t use traditional pesticides or fertilizers, and animals grow without constant use of antibiotics and hormones. It’s well-known, that these chemicals may cause many diseases if constantly consumed.

Also, when animals and plants grow naturally — vitamins and antioxidants are greatly increased in food. So organic products are not only safe but the most useful ones. We can even feel the special rich flavor of such food. 


Organic production is constantly developing, and farmers keep working on reducing the harmful impacts of their households on the environment. Farmers conserve soil fertility, protect the health and welfare of farmed animals, do not use chemical substances that might pollute waters. Thanks to this — people, animals, and plants are safe around the farms. 

Conventional agriculture causes huge greenhouse gas emissions such as nitrogen oxide, methane, carbon dioxide. Thus, significantly accelerating climate changes all over the planet. But organic farms have much less impact on the climate. According to IFOAM (The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements), in case of complete transition from conventional to organic agriculture until 2030 — it’s possible to compensate 20% of all agriculture greenhouse gas emissions. And this makes a real difference for climate protection.

Economic Profitability

In the western world, the profitability of organic households grows constantly. Organic products cost more than ordinary, and consumers are ready to pay extra for good quality and safe production. And that’s just the beginning. Right now not all the Ukrainians know about the benefits of organic food, but with rising of awareness — consumption will be growing too.

Creating economic benefits for farmers is an important part of European and Ukrainian organic development agenda. European programs are being aimed at making “organic on every table” a reality until the year 2030, and they are financed accordingly.

Thinking About the Future

We all have a power of choice. That’s what corporations and world marketing agencies compete for. And the most modern advertising is being created only to get our affection.

By choosing organic, we not only protect our health, but we encourage the whole world to take care of the planet.

We know about complications related to availability, and also the production of organic food in Ukraine. That’s why we created Organic Info — a website that is going to help both consumers and farmers. 

We are happy to change the world with you!

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