The Ukrainian pavilion at BIOFACH-2015: a high level of interest, international cooperation

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The Ukrainian pavilion at the BioFach-2015 attracted attention of many visitors and participants at this, the world’s largest organic trade exhibition.

(Frick, Switzerland and Kyiv, Ukraine. February 16, 2015)

This trade fair provided a showcase for Ukraine’s dynamically growing organic sector and the new business opportunities it offers.

Ukraine’s first experience of having a country pavilion at the BioFach (in 2014) was very successful. This year 9 Ukrainian companies followed this path and brought their organic products and services to showcase at the largest international trade fair. Some of the exhibitors, such as Agrofirma Pole, Galeks-Agro, Rivneholod, Casper, and DIAMANT LTD had been inspired by the business results of previous BioFach’s and presented expanded product mixes to their European colleagues and consumers.

“Meeting with current and potential partners at the BioFach enhances future cooperation. I would definitely advise participating at the BioFach for 2-3 years in order to see really important results. We have been visiting Biofach since 2008 and exhibiting in this exhibition since 2009 and I found the Ukrainian pavilion to be most impressive” – said Oleksandr Yushchenko, General Director of Galex-Agro.

“BioFach brings practical results. After BioFach 2014 we expanded our sales to new markets including Malaysia, Australia and Italy, and strengthened our cooperation in the European Union region, particularly with Poland and the Czech Republic”, – added Dmytro Solomakha, Sales Manager of Agrofirma Pole.

For the first time one of the Ukrainian exhibitor also presented its already well-renowned Ukraine products to a global audience in a professional and attractive way. The black soils of Ukraine provide perfect conditions for organic farming and the sector has a strong positive dynamic.  It provides a growing product assortment with increased opportunities for these products to be exported and to become popular abroad as well.

“If you use some new technology or have a unique product format, as we do, don’t hesitate to take part in the next BioFach. In 2015 we showcased our products in the innovation stall of the exhibition and the interest from visitors and other organic producers was just great. This is a real inspiration to continue moving forward!” – saidIryna Lukashuk, Sales Manager of LiQberry TM.

Eight Ukrainian companies exhibited at this year’s Biofach, presenting a range of organic products including cereals, oil crops, pulses, sunflower seeds and oil, wild and cultivated berries for the organic market. This range of produce provides excellent pre-conditions for a further increase of organic production -up in Ukraine. In addition at the Ukrainian country pavilion certification services were presented by the 1st and the only Ukrainian-owned and international accredited and recognised certification body “Organic Standard”.

This year guests at the Ukrainian pavilion were also able to taste national Ukrainian food cooked from 100% organic ingredients.

“One of the great way to understand a culture of another country is to try its traditional cuisine. This year at the BioFach we had a wonderful opportunity to organize our own Ukrainian organic food catering and offered it to at least 300 guests with delicious borshch, varenyky (stuffed dumplings), salo ( pork rind), pickled cucumbers, birch sap and berry beverages. We are glad that this Apero was such a success. The general interest and the feedback we received shows that this added to establishing better understanding of Ukraine, enhanced the transparency of the Ukrainian organic production sector and fostered real partnerships” – emphasized Sergiy Galashevskyy, General Manager of Organic Standard certification body.

The Ukrainian country pavilion BioFach-2015 exhibitors:

The organisation of the Ukraine country pavilion was supported by the Ukrainian exhibitors and two international projects:

    • The Swiss-Ukrainian Cooperation Project “Organic Market Development in Ukraine” (2012-2016) , funded by the Swiss Confederation through the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and implemented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL, Switzerland);

The coordination of the Ukraine country pavilion was a joint effort of a consortium involving key Ukrainian organic stakeholders: Ques consultancyInformation Center “Green Dossier” and certification body “Organic Standard”.

More detailed information could be found here.

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