New organic products and brands in 2021

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This year, the organic market has been replenished by almost a hundred product items, a significant number of them were presented for the first time on the Ukrainian market, and some products are unique not only for Ukraine.

Let’s start with an overview of the range of organic producers that are already well known on the market.

Danube Agrarian LLC probably expanded the range the most this year, the company presented organic chicken meat to the Ukrainian market, a huge range of dried fruits and vegetables, and vacuum-packed corn, which is definitely a novelty and it’s already available in retail chains. This year, Danube Agrarian received certification for DunaFripsy — dried sublimated fruits. There are four flavors available on the market right now: watermelon, Amarillo melon, Piel de Sapo melon and plum.

Last year, canned products from Stodola appeared on the market for the first time. This year, the company’s range includes horseradish, plum jam, tomato juice made from red and yellow tomatoes, fruit and berry juice and fruit and berry compote.

Earlier, mixes for baking muffins were released on the market, now TM Ahimsa (Dvipa LLC) also offers a mix for baking with berry flavors — raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.

Two organic dairy brands Staryi Porytsk and Organic Milk have also expanded their product range. Both companies added yogurts with flavors to their assortment. Before, there were only drinking yogurts, but now two-component yogurts are available, they consist of pure yogurt and a flavored mixture (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries), and consumers decide how to mix them.

Also, by the end of the year, Stary Porytsk presented a new but traditional product for Ukraine — Ukrainian cheesecakes or syrniki. And Organic Milk presented ultra-pasteurized milk, which has a prolonged shelf life.

This year, the certification of berry pastila from BERRYЇж was completed. The range includes organic red and yellow raspberry pastila, also with sugar and honey.

Gadz farm expanded its activities and presented processed products this year — organic apple chips, which are the first apple chips on the organic market.

New products have also appeared in the assortment of Organic Original LLC (banana flour and black lentils), Primfood LLC (dried fruit bars, plum paste and dried fruits/vegetables) and La Farina LLC, which is the only producer of organic bakery products in Ukraine (bread with flax and spelt).

Among the new brands on the organic market, we’d want to mention the following.

Ukrainian-made baby food has appeared on the market for the first time. VITMARK-Ukraine LLC (Chudo-Chado TM) presented Organic Apple-Banana Puree and Organic Puree from Apples and Black Currants and is already planning to expand the range further. Products are manufactured at the facilities of the Odessa Baby Food Cannery.

Terra LLC has expanded its activities, and a line of fast food products has been launched under the new Bi food brand: porridge, couscous and cream soups.

This year, products of the production enterprise “Health Technologies” (TM Honey Energy) were certified. Honey amaranth (natural flower honey and amaranth germ flour) is a unique product that was presented at the international exhibition of organic and natural food products “Organic & Natural” in Dubai.

A new brand “GoBio” has been launched and it already offers a wide range of organic snacks (sticks, balls and a variety of crispbread) and groats. Also established in 2021, Zhiva LTD LLC offers certified roasted sunflower seeds, which are first in Ukraine and a popular product on the domestic market.

After a short break this year, coffee was finally certified – three suppliers at once, but currently organic coffee is not yet available for sale to end customers.

We look forward to new products in 2022!

The article was prepared by in partnership with Organic Standard.

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