The 32nd exhibition of organic products BIOFACH 2021 started today

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«The exhibition was made possible thanks to exhibitors, their active participation and ideas», — said Petra Wolf, Member of the Board of «NürnbergMesse», during the official opening of BIOFACH/VIVANESS eSPECIAL. — Despite the pandemic and all the difficulties, we managed to bring together the organic community from all over the world. Unfortunately, only virtually, but we made it possible! The exhibitors reacted very well to the developed platform and today we started with 1442 exhibitors from 82 countries.

For many years, Nuremberg hosted BIOFACH/VIVANESS; in general, 75% of the city’s tourists are business tourists that come to visit exhibitions. And for the organic sector, Nuremberg has become a kind of «the center of the organic world».

«It’s very important for us», — said Marcus Koenig, Lord Mayor of Nuremberg. — And we try to prove this title not only during BIOFACH. In the city’s kindergartens, almost 70% of products are organic, also about 20% in schools. We are trying to promote organic production in various ways. Of course, there is still a lot of work to do». 

Germany is one of the leaders in organic market volume. According to the results of 2018, it reached almost 11 billion euros. Today, also data for 2019 has been announced during the opening.

«If the numbers are correct, we have a turnover of about 15 billion euros in the organic sector in Germany, which is a record. This is almost 20% more than the previous year. So this means it’s really a trend, and for us, it’s a motivation for further activities in promotion of organic products», — said Julia Kleckner, Minister of Food and Agriculture of Germany.

In addition to online meetings, the program of the 32nd exhibition of organic products BIOFACH 2021 also offers more than 100 forums, where participants can join discussions.

«We can already say that online format meets our expectations. Of course, we miss meetings and emotions very much, and we are already looking forward to BIOFACH 2021. But we already can say that the formats will be combined», — said Petra Wolf, Member of the Board of «NürnbergMesse».

Kateryna Shor,

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