In this section – all about organic certified producers as of February 24th, 2022.

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Beekeeping products
  • Breakfast
  • Canned products
  • Cheese
  • Confectionery and baking
  • Culinary additives, sauces
  • Desserts and snacks
  • Eggs
  • Food for children
  • Frozen products
  • Fruits, vegetables and berries
  • Groats and legumes
  • Herbs and spices
  • Hot Drinks
  • Juices and syrups
  • Meat and meat products
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Oils, vinegars and processed products
  • Other processed products
  • Pasta and flour
  • Sausage products
  • Soft drinks

is a farm that is partially engaged in the cultivation of organic products under the control of Organic Standard.

The orchard of the farm was planted in 2011 in a special microclimatic zone, which allows obtaining high-quality crops with excellent taste characteristics.

In 2021, new processed products were added to the company’s assortment, in particular, the first apple chips in Ukraine.


(PE «Galeks-Agro») — a producer that specializes in the production of both crop and livestock production. The enterprise was founded in 2008 and became one of the very first organic producers in Ukraine that were certified in accordance with European standards. 

Established more than a decade ago, «Galeks-Agro» actively helps to build the Ukrainian organic market and offers several types of organic flour and cereals, honey and pollen.


— a brand of “Ukrolia”. The company is well experienced in the production of traditional sunflower oil, but at the moment it has decided to prioritize the production of professional culinary and high oleic organic oils. «Ukrolia» combines the world’s best Ukrainian sunflower and the age-old sunflower oil production traditions with the European quality control standards.

UKROLIA offers Ukrainian consumers organic high oleic and organic classic oils produced under the Garna trademark.


The company was founded in 2021 by one of the pioneers of the organic movement in Ukraine – Oleksiy Solomko, who is a co-owner and ideological inspirer of the company.

The company started production of organic snacks and cereals. The range of cereals, chopsticks and balls, as well as a variety of crispbreads.

The company has successfully passed the certification in Organic Standard LLC according to standards equivalent to the organic legislation of the EU and will soon present its products on the domestic market of Ukraine.

Healthy Tradition

(«Healthy Tradition» LLC) specializes in the production of gluten-free baked goods, bars, granola and ingredients for baking. Products are produced with care and using fresh natural ingredients, with no sugar, syrup, stabilizers or preservatives.

The name of the company shows that its founders wanted to share their own traditions of health and body care. 

At the moment, the company has an assortment of organic flour (such as amaranth, coconut, gluten-free, green buckwheat flour), pumpkin seeds, sunflower and flax seeds, several products made of coconut and organic dried mango.

Honey energy

(production company Health Technology) – was launched in 2016 but received an organic certificate for its products only in 2021.

The development of a unique technology of mixing ingredients for honey amaranth (a mixture of flower honey and amaranth flour) at ultra-low speeds, which prevents the heating of honey, took 5 years. This technology allows the product to remain raw, natural and retain all valuable elements.

The company has a line of organic products: organic honey amaranth Happy Morning, honey amaranth Raspberry, honey amaranth Strawberry, honey amaranth Chocolate Honey, honey amaranth Hemp and honey amaranth Blueberry.


– Jiva LLC, established in 2021, currently offers two but very popular products in Ukraine: roasted sunflower seeds and roasted salted sunflower seeds.

Sales are expected.

Kozak Organic

the farm was founded in 2018 as 100% organic household, it’s located in south Ukraine.

Kozak Organic grows organic vegetables and berries as pumpkin, melon, watermelon, pepper, tomato, aubergine, certified by Organic Standard LLC according to standards equivalent to the organic legislation of the EU.

Kozub Product Organic

— a trademark of «Firma Diamant Ltd.», which is a structural unit of «Kozub – product». The first producer of organic flakes in Ukraine, the company started its work in 2013. For the production, only grains cultivated on fertile chernozems of the Poltava region that passed organic certification are used.

The company was many times awarded by national exhibitions with diplomas and medals for the production of high-quality products.

In assortment: buckwheat flakes, oat, pearl, barley, wheat, rye, corn, millet, pea flakes and also mixed flakes for instant preparation; buckwheat groats, pearl barley, barley, wheat, corn, pea groats; buckwheat, oat, rye, pea and wheat flour of different varieties of wheat.


– the farm is located in the ecologically clean territory of the National Nature Park “Nizhnosulskii” Poltava region.

Since 2012, Quark LLC has been certified by the Organic Standard certification body according to standards equivalent to the organic legislation of the EU.

The company is specialized in the production of organic grains and industrial crops and their processing into groats at its facilities. The company’s assortment includes groats, flour, cereals and kutia.

The products can be found at specialized fairs of organic products.

Like a bee

eco-village cooperative in Bolozhinov (Lviv region), where the farm grows berries that are certified by Organic Standard LLC according to the EU organic standards.

The special thing about the cooperative is that you can come and pick berries for a picnic right there, and at the same time you can see how the products are grown. The cooperative also has its own apiary, contact zoo and other entertainment for children and adults.

The cooperative also invites investors to join the development of the farm. In assortment: raspberries, blackberries, strawberries.


— a representative of a group of companies that produce high-quality and eco-friendly natural products, such as juices and conservation.

«Liluck» is the leader in the production and distribution of organic birch sap in Ukraine. The company’s facilities are located in the Chernivtsi region, at the foot of Carpathians. Ancient traditions and modern technologies, the use of unique ecologically clean raw materials and high standards of quality are the basis of production.

You will find a wide range of birch sap with additives.


— a company that has been producing unique berry pastes since 2011. The product doesn’t contain any additives. Nothing but berries! The use of ecologically clean berries from Volyn, in combination with the innovative author’s technology, created a unique and healthy product.

Liqberry paste is certified by “Organic standard” and was listed in “100 best products of Ukraine-2015”, awarded by “Golden symbol of quality of national goods and services”, was highly praised at national and international exhibitions in Germany, Japan, UAE, Spain.

Berry pastes: blueberry, cowberry, blackberry, cranberry, chokeberry, strawberry, sea-buckthorn, raspberry.


— the first company in Ukraine that created a range of organic spices. Due to ecological manufacturing, the spices produced by “Lubystok” are rich in minerals and vitamins, are beneficial for health and have a real natural taste and aroma.

Spices are grown in Indonesia under the careful monitoring of specialists, with the use of the latest agricultural technologies and, of course, with care for the environment.

In assortment: a mix of peppers, red chili pepper, black pepper; dried fennel, garlic, oregano, savory, thyme, basil, bay leaf; ready seasonings for chicken and poultry, fish and seafood, universal.


(private entrepreneur Kolchanov D.S) — is an organic hand-made chocolate, which contains only natural ingredients, with no preservatives, lecithin or artificial flavors. 

The company has an assortment of black and milk chocolate with different fillings, such as almond, sea salt and cranberry. 


LLC «Mol’far Eco») — is a young Ukrainian brand that was established in 2016. Despite the young age, we are confident in the goals we’re setting for ourselves. We are united by the sole purpose of minimalism and rejection of excess for the long-term preservation of the environment.

Organic tea MOL’FAR follows the tradition of molfarism — understanding and openness towards nature for the benefit of humanity, minimalism and rejection of excess.

  • Fermented Rosebay willowherb tea with berries and herbs (raspberry leaf, mint and melissa, lime blossom, thyme, berries, pear and apple);
  • Black Rosebay willowherb tea.

(PE “Richoil”) — is a trademark owned by “Richoil” company, which previously was known as “Eco-olio”. The company produces natural oil of the first cold pressing without any chemicals, preservatives or artificial colorants.

«Richoil» sees their mission in the renaissance of Ukrainian traditions, that’s why they produce oils made of linen, hemp, pumpkin and other seeds that disappeared from our market in the past. 

At the moment «Richoil» produces sunflower and linen organic oil.

Organic Chicken

(farm household “Domestic Chicken”)  — a modern farm, which combines European equipment and automatization with a caring and “soul” attitude to its chickens as the producer wants to get a high-quality and healthy organic product. 

The chickens that live at the farm are fed only with organic feed and vitamins, also they freely walk outside. The quality and compliance with the standards of poultry are confirmed by the «Organic Standard’s» certificate.

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