Organic snack production was launched in Ukraine

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Rice, millet, corn, pea and multigrain balls and sticks; rice, buckwheat and corn crispbreads are only a part of the newly created range of products of company GOBIO.

Crispbreads are made by the method of extrusion, a process similar to the production of popcorn. First, the grains are soaked, then placed in an extruder (special equipment), where they explode from the inside and the high pressure of the equipment compresses them, after that, we get ready-made crispbreads.

Such crispbreads are considered to be the most healthy and can replace bread in your diet. The process of their production is important because during the production of the crispbreads no extra ingredients are added, only organic raw materials and water, sometimes sea salt. The main thing is that this method of production retains all the vitamins and fiber needed for good digestion, as well as provides a faster satiety sensation, so in total, you will eat fewer calories.

In addition to crispbreads, GOBIO has started the production of balls and sticks. Regular corn sticks will not surprise Ukrainian consumers. But GOBIO produces various tastes and forms. The process of making balls is not different from sticks, but such a form is used for breakfasts more often.

It also has to be said that the company made snacks using gluten-free products such as millet and peas. And there is a large number of recipes, including ones for children, that are currently in production.

“I noticed a long time ago that the demand for such products is growing in Ukraine, and I dreamed about establishing my own production of organic snacks,” — says co-owner and ideological inspirer of GOBIO Oleksii Solomko. – I am happy that we finally managed to make this dream come true! The idea was taken very well by the manufacturers. They even sent their products at the stage of recipe development and testing. I hope that Ukrainian consumers will like our products.”

GOBIO has two key objectives: to produce a wide range of organic products using innovative technologies and to develop the production of gluten-free products.

The company has already begun negotiations with retail networks and it will also promote organic snacks export.

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