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For many years, we’ve been collecting information, advice, recommendations and best practices that help producers in organic production. All materials are divided into fields and spheres of activity. At the moment, the section contains about 100 publications and videos that might be useful for different producers.

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EU imports of organic agri-food products

EU imports of organic agri-food products. Key developments in 2020.
This report prepared by DG Agriculture and Rural Development, Analysis and Outlook Unit.

List of internationally accredited certification bodies
Standards and certification

List of internationally accredited certification bodies (organic production and circulation of organic products) included to official List approved by European Union Commission (EU Regulation №1235/2008 from 08.12.2008) as of 16/03/2021.
Certification bodies included into this list recognized by European Commission to carry out controls in Ukraine and issue certificates of inspection for export.

Additional control measures for import of organic products for 2021

The COP agreed to continue the additional official controls implemented by the EU Member States’ competent authorities on organic products imported from these countries, as well as from Turkey, in accordance with the revised “Guidelines on additional official controls on products originating from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkey and Russian Federation” agreed upon on 2 December 2020.