Information about certification bodies and market operators in the sphere of organic production has to be publicly available. The possibility to monitor production processes is one of the principles of organic production. In Ukraine, the national register of operators, certification bodies and seed production is still being formed, but the register of foreign certification bodies has already been finished. Also, the European Commission has formed the list of certification bodies that have the right to operate in accordance with EU standards in Ukraine. Apart from this, we are going to add the registers of certification bodies and operators that work under different standards. In the registers, you can check your organic partner.

Registry type
  • Certification bodies of operators
  • Foreign certification bodies
  • Market operators
  • Seeds and planting material
List of foreign certification bodies
Foreign certification bodies
List of internationally accredited certification bodies according to EU Commission Regulation No. 1235/2008
Foreign certification bodies
Organic Operators certified by Organic Standard
Market operators