Zhiva Zemlya Potutory

Ternopil region

Контактні данні виробника

— a biodynamic farm situated in the village Potutory, Ternopil region. «Zhiva Zemlya Potutory» was founded by a Ukrainian and a Swiss, Ivan Boyko and Rainer Sax (the current owner of the association «Living land of Switzerland»), in 2007.

The farm’s main goal is to restore natural processes in agriculture, as well as promotion of organic and biodynamic agriculture. Every initiative at the farm is based on principles of naturality. Here, only high-quality and certified organic products are produced. The owners take care of cows and other animals on the farm.

The assortment includes herbs, spices and teas, which can be found in retail chains. The producer also offers milk products and vegetables to the locals.


Herbs and spices
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