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LLC «Stodola» a company that had been on its way to organic certification of the processing unit for quite a while but finally received its certificate from Organic Standard in autumn of 2020. 

Right away, the company has offered more than 50 items of products of deep processing. Among them sauces and ketchup, canned and marinated vegetables, vegetable juices and chips, canned vegetable salads and soups, and also jam.

The first production batch can already be found on shelves of supermarkets. 


(LLC «Nova-Pak») the leading company on the national market of sweet decor and confectionery ingredients. Products under the «Dobryk» brand are used every day by thousands of Ukrainians — at home and professional kitchens.

Not all company’s products have passed the certification of organic production, the producer has a separate organic line, opened in 2019. It includes such products as organic sugar powder, cocoa powder, sugar powder with cinnamon. As well as new products certified in early 2020 – these are several types of mixtures for baking muffins and oatmeal cookies.

Stariy Porytsk

— a modern agricultural company that aims to run and develop organic production. Household’s operations can be divided into two directions: dairy farming and crop production. The use of traditional receipts and control of every production stage allows to guarantee the highest quality and excellent taste of products.

On the internal market, dairy products are mostly represented: sweet butter, hard cheese, pickled cheese, buttermilk, whey, cottage cheese, milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream, buckwheat groats.


— (Public Joint-Stock Company «Zhytomyr Butter Plant») the first producer of organic ice cream in Ukraine. During the manufacturing process, only organic milk, sweet butter and sugar are used. The stabilizer that is used during production is safe and allowed in organic production: carob tree natural gum (made from the fruits of the Mediterranean acacia, which grows in Sicily).

The first batch of ice cream was released in 2015 because the producer wanted to keep pace with the times and make it possible for Ukrainians to choose organic.

TM Rud products can be found not only in Ukrainian stores, but the ice cream is also successfully exported abroad.


— the first company in Ukraine that created a range of organic spices. Due to ecological manufacturing, the spices produced by “Lubystok” are rich in minerals and vitamins, are beneficial for health and have a real natural taste and aroma.

Spices are grown in Indonesia under the careful monitoring of specialists, with the use of the latest agricultural technologies and, of course, with care for the environment.

In assortment: a mix of peppers, red chili pepper, black pepper; dried fennel, garlic, oregano, savory, thyme, basil, bay leaf; ready seasonings for chicken and poultry, fish and seafood, universal.

Zhiva Zemlya Potutory

— a biodynamic farm situated in the village Potutory, Ternopil region. «Zhiva Zemlya Potutory» was founded by a Ukrainian and a Swiss, Ivan Boyko and Rainer Sax (the current owner of the association «Living land of Switzerland»), in 2007.

The farm’s main goal is to restore natural processes in agriculture, as well as promotion of organic and biodynamic agriculture. Every initiative at the farm is based on principles of naturality. Here, only high-quality and certified organic products are produced. The owners take care of cows and other animals on the farm.

The assortment includes herbs, spices and teas, which can be found in retail chains. The producer also offers milk products and vegetables to the locals.


— a trademark that belongs to LLC «Organic Original». The company was founded in 2011 and it was one of the pioneers on the Ukrainian market of organic production. The products are certified with the European organic certificate and are labelled with the official organic logotype of the European Union — «euroleaf». The «Ecorod» cold-pressed sunflower oil was recognized as the best organic product of the Eastern Europe on the Organic Marketing Forum in 2013, in Warsaw.

According to the European certification rules, the producer has several inspections by the European certification bodies every year, and therefore has high-quality organic products.

Among the products are oils, flour, cereals and legumes, honey, vegetables and exclusive products such as corn sticks.

Dunaskiy agrariy

— it’s 2000 hectares of organic lands, on which ecologically clean vegetables and fruits are grown. Also, the producer has chickens, ducks and sheep, this allows the company to have a closed cycle of organic production. LLC «Danube Agrarian» was founded on the lands of “Chapayev” village, which is situated in the northern part of Ukraine. The producer passed the organic certification back in 2010 and today has certificates of “Organic Standard”, UA-BIO, NOP and even BIO SUISSE (Switzerland).

“A new life for the earth and excellent health for consumers” — is the slogan of the company.

In Ukrainian retail chains, you can buy seasonal vegetables and fruits from Danube Agrarian as well as eggs.

Organic Country

(LLC «Organic Life») — the «Organic Life’s» trademark, the company that started to sell organic products grown by Ukrainian farmers in 2014. 

All farmers, which work with the brand, have passed organic certification and take good care both about the quality of products and about the lands they cultivate. The farmers are trying to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment and have developed a special crop rotation system, they are also trying to save soil integrity.

The company’s organic assortment includes groats, flour, seeds, legumes and grain cereals.


(private entrepreneur Kolchanov D.S) — is an organic hand-made chocolate, which contains only natural ingredients, with no preservatives, lecithin or artificial flavors. 

The company has an assortment of black and milk chocolate with different fillings, such as almond, sea salt and cranberry.