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Агро Стариця

(ФОП Трегубов О.А.) фермерське господарство, яке в 2012 році почало вирощувати органічні ягоди. Згодом на прохання споживачів почали вирощувати ще й овочі. Основний замовник Агро Стариці зараз це мережа магазинів Good Wine.

Продукція сертифікована в ТОВ «Органік Стандарт» за стандартами, еквівалентними органічному законодавства ЄС.

В асортименті виробника овочі, зелень і фрукти.


this brand has two areas of activity: the production of grains (wide range) and greenhouse vegetables.

Terra LLC is a company that has been producing grains for almost 25 years, in particular groats and legumes, cereals and instant porridge, as well as a new product of 2021 – instant soups. Despite the wide range of products, they haven’t been yet presented in the Ukrainian domestic market, though production for Ukrainian consumers is being planned.

At the same time, a bio-boiler was installed about 13 years ago on the basis of groats production, where a lot of waste is generated, mainly oat and millet husks. This allowed the company not only to abandon the use of gas or other types of heating but also to establish its own greenhouse.

And for the last 6 years, PE “Organic Greenhouse” grows cucumbers and tomatoes in its greenhouses in compliance with the standards of organic production. Both companies are certified by Organic Standard LLC according to the EU organic standards.


LLC «Stodola» a company that had been on its way to organic certification of the processing unit for quite a while but finally received its certificate from Organic Standard in autumn of 2020. 

Right away, the company has offered more than 50 items of products of deep processing. Among them sauces and ketchup, canned and marinated vegetables, vegetable juices and chips, canned vegetable salads and soups, and also jam.

The first production batch can already be found on shelves of supermarkets. 

Family Welfare

— a cooperative in the Kyiv region that unites about 50 farmers. The main philosophy of the cooperative is based on family values and care about the environment. «Family Welfare» is producing only organic products without any use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It is interesting that at the moment the cooperative was founded, the ground it used had already been free of traditional agriculture for more than 20 years and, therefore, the producer passed organic certification quickly.

The assortment includes cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cabbage, salads and greens, zucchini, melons.


— (LLC «Organic Expert») a small organic farm that grows vegetables. Some time ago, the founder of «OSIO» started from growing raspberries for herself and friends, but later, she found like-minded people and turned her household into a real organic farm.

The farm is being regularly certified by Organic Standard.

The pride of the farm is rhubarb. Additionally, there are corn, zucchini and pumpkins.


— a private farm situated in the Kyiv region, it covers an area of 2600 hectares, about 1000 hectares are certified as organic and the same area is currently in a transition period.

The company has a closed production cycle — crop and livestock production. It plans further development of processing facilities and their certification.

For the internal market, the farm produces tomatoes and cucumbers in greenhouse complexes.


— a trademark that belongs to LLC «Organic Original». The company was founded in 2011 and it was one of the pioneers on the Ukrainian market of organic production. The products are certified with the European organic certificate and are labelled with the official organic logotype of the European Union — «euroleaf». The «Ecorod» cold-pressed sunflower oil was recognized as the best organic product of the Eastern Europe on the Organic Marketing Forum in 2013, in Warsaw.

According to the European certification rules, the producer has several inspections by the European certification bodies every year, and therefore has high-quality organic products.

Among the products are oils, flour, cereals and legumes, honey, vegetables and exclusive products such as corn sticks.


— a Ukrainian-Swiss agricultural company. Ethnoproduct’s vertically integrated operations create organic field to end products. Since 2008, EthnoProduct’s farm and food operations were certified organic: instead of synthetic fertilizers the producer uses humus and microorganisms; no pesticides or herbicides; non-modified seeds are used instead of genetically modified cultures.

EthnoProduct is very proud of the feedback received from consumers of all generations. The elders buy organic products because they taste like «in childhood», and for the younger generation, it’s important that food doesn’t contain synthetic additives and has no ultrapasteurization.

The assortment:

  • milk, sour cream, kefir, yogurt, sweet butter and several types of cheese.
Dunaskiy agrariy

— it’s 2000 hectares of organic lands, on which ecologically clean vegetables and fruits are grown. Also, the producer has chickens, ducks and sheep, this allows the company to have a closed cycle of organic production. LLC «Danube Agrarian» was founded on the lands of “Chapayev” village, which is situated in the northern part of Ukraine. The producer passed the organic certification back in 2010 and today has certificates of “Organic Standard”, UA-BIO, NOP and even BIO SUISSE (Switzerland).

“A new life for the earth and excellent health for consumers” — is the slogan of the company.

In Ukrainian retail chains, you can buy seasonal vegetables and fruits from Danube Agrarian as well as eggs.


— a young farm that produces organic eggs as its main product. Since 2017, the team “Dacha Organic” has been running the farm in accordance with organic standards. On the separate field, they are growing their own grains, which are used then to feed chickens. 

The whole farm is certified for compliance with the organic standards.

DACHA farm has a unique philosophy and takes care of its residents’ well-being. The farm is open to visitors. 

It offers chicken eggs and poultry.