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Kozub Product Organic

— a trademark of «Firma Diamant Ltd.», which is a structural unit of «Kozub – product». The first producer of organic flakes in Ukraine, the company started its work in 2013. For the production, only grains cultivated on fertile chernozems of the Poltava region that passed organic certification are used.

The company was many times awarded by national exhibitions with diplomas and medals for the production of high-quality products.

In assortment: buckwheat flakes, oat, pearl, barley, wheat, rye, corn, millet, pea flakes and also mixed flakes for instant preparation; buckwheat groats, pearl barley, barley, wheat, corn, pea groats; buckwheat, oat, rye, pea and wheat flour of different varieties of wheat.


(ООО «Фирма «Каспер»»). Производитель считает, что органическое масло должно заменить масла, которые поддаются химической обработке. Масло Organico отжимается без использования вредных веществ и совсем не похоже на обычное масло. Имеет органический сертификат Органик Стандарт. 

В ассортименте компании органическое масло льняное, рыжеевое, рапсовое, подсолнечное и подсолнечное высокоолеиновое, соевое. Вскоре планируется расширение линии. 

Organic Country

(LLC «Organic Life») — the «Organic Life’s» trademark, the company that started to sell organic products grown by Ukrainian farmers in 2014. 

All farmers, which work with the brand, have passed organic certification and take good care both about the quality of products and about the lands they cultivate. The farmers are trying to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment and have developed a special crop rotation system, they are also trying to save soil integrity.

The company’s organic assortment includes groats, flour, seeds, legumes and grain cereals.