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eco-village cooperative in Bolozhinov (Lviv region), where the farm grows berries that are certified by Organic Standard LLC according to the EU organic standards.

The special thing about the cooperative is that you can come and pick berries for a picnic right there, and at the same time you can see how the products are grown. The cooperative also has its own apiary, contact zoo and other entertainment for children and adults.

The cooperative also invites investors to join the development of the farm. In assortment: raspberries, blackberries, strawberries.

Ягоди Волині

— a company that started its work in 2011 and unites 4 regions of Volynska oblast, also brings together smallholder farmers. The main certified products are strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb and herbs.

The products are mainly aimed at export, but in 2020 the company offered consumers certified strawberries.

Organic Garden

(The first organic plant nursery) — a plant nursery located in the Lviv region that grows vegetables, berries and greens, using exclusively organic technologies. The Organic Garden’s mission is to care for customers’ health and save the lands for future generations. The quality of the products is confirmed with the «Organic standard’s» certificate. 

Lviv residents can already buy salads and greens, very soon other season vegetables will be available.

Organic Meat

(LLC «Organic meat product») — the production of organic certified products that starts at the farm and ends with the promotion on the market (“from farm to fork”). «Organic meat product» combines traditions of generations, the latest technologies and European experience.

The company’s philosophy is about high-quality, safety and responsibility for the future. The producer sees his mission in the introduction of organic farming and animal husbandry in Ukraine to preserve the land for future generations.

Their range includes pork and beef products, lard products, different types of sausages, meat pâté.

Organic Milk

— the first company on the national market of organic dairy production. Its production chain starts from producing raw materials and ends with the promotion of ready products on the market. It is a domestic enterprise that has absorbed European experience, eco-friendly production culture and the latest technologies.

The “Organic Milk” values are safety, healthiness, eco-friendly aesthetics and agricultural traditions of generations (Drevlian agricultural technologies).

In assortment: milk, kefir, yogurt, butter, sour cream, hard and soft cheese, fermented baked milk, sweet cottage cheese, cream.

Deddens Agro

— an agricultural company, which, together with «Ritter Bio Agro», cultivated the first organic sugar beet and started to produce the certified organic sugar. 

The company’s mission is to protect the environment, that’s why the cultivation of lands is done organically. Transparency in work, highly professional staff and trust of successful domestic and foreign partners guarantee the quality of products.

In 2019, the company’s range included sugar. In 2020, the company already offers vegetables and berries in the domestic market: garden strawberries, cucumbers and tomatoes.