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For many years, we’ve been collecting information, advice, recommendations and best practices that help producers in organic production. All materials are divided into fields and spheres of activity. At the moment, the section contains about 100 publications and videos that might be useful for different producers.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Organic Sector in Ukraine
German-Ukrainian Cooperation in Organic Agriculture
Standards and certification

So far, the COVID-19 pandemic and its restrictions and quarantines did not have any drastic negative impact on the organic sector in Ukraine. Companies developed strategies of adaptation and are hoping to survive the crisis without too much damage, however it is presently too early to make reliable long-term fore-casts about the impact of COVID-19 still to come. In spite of the new reality, it will be encouraging to see the Ministry, NGOs and donor projects to guide organic farms and businesses through the COVID-19 crisis including giving adequate response to the potential post-effects they might encounter in the near future.

Technology Needs Assessment Report
Technology Needs Assessment project
Plant Production

The project for Technology Needs Assessment provides a great opportunity for Ukraine to perform the country-driven technology assessment to identify environmentally sound technologies that might be implemented with a substantial contribution in addressing climate change mitigation needs of the country.
Technology Needs Assessment for climate change mitigation in Ukraine is focused on Agriculture (including organic) and Waste sectors. These two sectors were responsible for 16% of total greenhouse gases emissions in 2016 and do not demonstrate downward trends during the last decade against the Energy and Industry Sectors.

Additional control measures will have to be applied to products originating from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Russian Federation and imported from one of those countries or from another third country until the end of the year 2020

The COP agreed to continue the additional official controls implemented by the EU Member States’ competent authorities on organic products imported from these countries, in accordance with the revised “Guidelines on additional official controls on products originating from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Russian Federation” agreed upon on 28 November 2019.

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