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The World of Organic Agriculture: Statistics and Emerging Trends 2019
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Ukraine organic milestones

2017 - Public Union «Ukrainian Organic Cluster» established.

2017 - Ukrainian National Pavilion for the first time supported by the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine at the BioFach exhibition, and the organic sector of  Ukraine represented at the level of Deputy Minister.

2016 - two German-Ukrainian cooperation projects «Advice to Ukraine on agricultural trade issues under the deep and comprehensive Free-Trade Agreement (DCFTA) between the EU and Ukraine» and «German-Ukrainian co-operation in the field of organic agriculture», both implemented by AFC/IAK supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) started.

2016 - State Ukrainian logo for the labeling of organic products  officialy presented.
2015 - For the first time development of the organic market was included to the Single and Comprehensive Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development 2015-2020 as a priority for further development of the agrarian sector in Ukraine.

World organic milestones

In 2014 BioFach celebrates its 25th anniversary. BioFach is a leading international fair of organic products which is held in Nuremberg (Germany) annually. Overall, about 42,000 people from 135 countries visited the fair on 12-15 February 2014. 2,236 exhibitors representing food and cosmetics industries from 76 counties participated in BioFach and Vivaness, which are traditionally held together. First Ukrainian National Pavilion is introduced at BioFach in 2014.
In 2012 the EU and the USA sign the agreement on uniting efforts aimed at stimulation of organic production development, organic standards protection and simplification of organic product import/export procedure. According to the regulation, which came into effect on 1 June 2012, the EU and the USA recognize the EU regulations and NOP as equivalent standards. Thus, the products certified as organic in EU countries or the USA can be traded as organic in both regions without additional certification, however, with some exceptions.
2010 – on 1 July 2010 the so called "euroleaf" (the stars in the shape of a leaf on the green background - the EU organic logo) becomes an official logo for organic products in EU. The author of the logo was a student from Germany who won in the open contest held by the European Committee for almost a year.

Organic World Statistics 2017

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