Organic Crop Conference - 2017: Crop rotation, soil and plant nutrition. Effective cleaning compositions"

On March 31, 2017 (from 9:30 to 17:30) the Conference "Organic Crop - 2017" took place.

Venue: Kyiv city, metro Shuliavska, Smolenska street , 31/33, Business center "Incom", 2nd floor.

The following topics were discussed during the Conference:

  • ensuring efficient plant and soil nutrition;
  • crop rotation planning for quality organic products;
  • effective cleaning of storage facilities to prevent contamination of organic products during the storing.

The following interested parties were invited to participate in the Conference: organic producers and other farmers, interested in organic production, service providers for organic production, producers of plant protection, products and inputs for organic production.

The exhibition of plant protection products and inputs for organic production was also organised during the Conference.

Furthermore every participant had a unique opportunity to meet and talk to the leading consultants and experts of organic production.

The programme and presentations of speakers are available on the Organic Standard website: http://www.organicstandard.com.ua/en/events 



In case of any questions, please contact Tetiana Sydorova by the phone: +380 44 200 6216, +380 67 823 83 89 or by the e-mail: ts@organicstandard.com.ua